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Combination of different modes of transportation

India – Persian Gulf – Iran – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Ukraine – Poland – Europe


The main role of the South – West corridor is the realization of goods transportation between EU Countries and India.
Route Information

This corridor passing through Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Poland reduces time lossfor the goods transportation between Europe and India.
According to estimates, the delivery of goods via this corridor is madewithin 12 days, while the time spent on alternative routes is 35 – 37 days.

The protocol on the development of combination of different modes of transportation via International Transport Corridor South-West between heads of railways, maritime and ports of Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia and Ukraine was signed in Baku on 12 January 2016.

Due to the created conditions, it is possible to transport cargo on the route for 15 days, overcomingthe distance of more than 7000 kilometers, delivering goods from India to Europe.

Now an intensive policy is being pursued to develop the transport of dry and container cargo along the route and uniformtariffs and uniform documents have been developed for the convenience of clients.

For the further development of the route, work has been done and continues to improve infrastructure,which will create a competitive transport product and attract large volumes of cargo to the transport corridor.  
Purpose of the Agreement on the South-West International Transport Corridor 

  1. Improve the efficiency of transport links for freight transport along the South-West ITC

  2. Facilitate increased volumes of international  freight transport

  3. Use of advantageous geographical position for international transport between Europe and the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

  4. Facilitate access to the international market for rail, road, sea, river and air transport services of the countries to the agreement

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The protocol on the development of combination of different modes of transportation via International Transport Corridor South-West between heads of railways, maritime and ports of Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia and Ukraine  was signed in Baku on 12 January 2016.
  • South West Route
  • One Road-One Solution

According to estimates, the delivery of goods via this corridor is madewithin 12 days,

while the time spent on alternative routes is 35 – 37 days.
Duration and Distance


Slavkov - Ilichevsk
Ilichevsk - Batumi
Batumi - Baku - Astara
Astara - Bandar Abbas
Distance (km)

Duration (days)

For the attention of cargo owners and logistic companies!

We are glad to present you the prices for the transportation of goods on the South-West International Transport Corridor (India-Iran-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Ukraine-Poland)!
Tehran (Iran) - Chernomorsk (Ukraine)

40’ container (FEU) (laden)  – 3139 USD
20’ container (TEU) (laden)  – 2367 USD
40’ container (FEU) (empty) – 1881 USD
20’ container (TEU) (empty) – 1379 USD

Tehran (Iran) - Slawkow (Poland)

40’ container (FEU) (laden)  – 3858 USD
20’ container (TEU) (laden)  – 2843 USD
40’ container (FEU) (empty) – 2538 USD
20’ container (TEU) (empty) – 1829 USD

Mumbai (India) - Slawkow (Poland)

40’ container (FEU) (laden)  – 5186 USD
20’ container (TEU) (laden)  – 3467USD
40’ container (FEU) (empty) – 3673 USD
20’ container (TEU) (empty) – 2346 USD


Trade turnover in US $, annual, 2016

Source: UNCTAD


UAE - 17,4 bln - Germany UAE - 809,4 mln - Poland UAE - 506 mln - Romania UAE - 357,3 mln - Ukraine UAE - 287 mln - Bulgaria


Iran - 3,4 bln - Germany Iran - 744 mln - Ukraine Iran - 560 mln - Georgia Iran - 390 mln - Romania


India - 18,4 bln - Germany India - 2 bln - Ukraine India - 1,8 bln - Poland India - 490,5 mln - Romania India - 307 mln - Bulgaria


Pakistan - 2,3 bln - Germany Pakistan - 948,2 mln - France Pakistan - 249,2 mln - Poland Pakistan - 87 mln - Romania

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Ongoing construction projects 

Astara – Rasht – Gazvin railway line


Within the framework of the International Transport Corridor South-West, at this point some works are being implemented for the connection the railways of Iran and Azerbaijan. Construction of the railway and the bridge across the river connecting two Astara border stations between Azerbaijan and Iran has been finished and the first test train ran across the recently-completed bridge.


It continues to build the railway and cargo terminal in the territory of Iran. In the future, wheel pair change procedure is stipulated here. Next, construction of 167 kilometers section from Astara station to Rasht station is planned. Negotiations on the matter are in their final stage.


At this stage, southbound cargo moves by rail until Astara (Azerbaijan) station and then through the border with Iran to Gazvin station by trucks. Then from Gazvin station on again by rail.
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We want to inform you, that "Center of Transport Service "Liski" (branch of the Public Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Railways") was defined as the logistic operator for the transportation containers across Ukraine (detailed information on the link
Oleksandr Polishchuk- First Deputy Head of branch CTS "Liski" 
JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia"
+38 (044) 465 31 41
A map of the railways of Ukraine with the indication of the route for the transit transportation of containers across Ukraine through the stations Paromna - Izov.

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The LHS line is the longest on the territorry of Poland, 400 km broad gauge railway line (1520 mm) intended for freight transport.
At the same time it is the mostwestern broad gauge railway line in Europe. It connects railway cross border Hrubieszów /Izov with Silesia. The line ends in Sławków in Dąbrowa Basin (25 km from Katowice).
The line has a specific regional coverage (runs from the South-East Poland, and the following voivodeships: Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie, Małopolskie and Silesia).
The advantages of the LHS line are: transport without necessity for trans-shipment and ability to carry heavy full train sets.
Contact persons:
Zbigniew Ruszniak
Director of the Trade Department
Mobile +48 697 047 179
Justyna Nowak
Head of Unit for International Affairs
Mobile 697 047 025
Aleksandra Adamska
Head of the Forwarding Unit
Mobile + 48 727 405 562
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“Azerbaijan Railways” has created a new company – «ADY Express» Ltd.
«ADY Express» provides online services to forwarders and large cargo owners to attract new volumes of transit cargo passing through our country.
The main objective of «ADY Express» is the creation of transparency and favorable conditions in the field of logistic services as well as the increase in the volume of industrial goods from the Caspian and Black Sea regions, from Europe, Central Asia, Far East and the Persian Gulf Countries.
The main objective of the Company is to increase transit cargo volume between both Asia – Europe and Persian Gulf countries – Russian Federation / Europe via revival of the historic Silk Road and via provision of customers with reliable logistic services and cost-effective solutions based on their demand.

Azerbaijan, Baku, AZ 1010
U. Hajibeyov st. 62, "Marine Plaza" 9th Floor

Tel: (+994 12) 599 05 68/69/70
Fax: (+994 12) 599 05 18
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